Dato launch fails after update.

User 5199 | 5/23/2016, 1:26:49 PM

I am taking the Coursera Machine Data class U Washington 4 week last and I get the error message below.. Dato fails to launch Java errors see below.


User 5199 | 5/23/2016, 3:09:36 PM

that is not the screen shot here is the one!!

User 1359 | 5/23/2016, 5:31:40 PM

Hello and thanks for the forum post!

Please attach the output of the following terminal commands:

conda info --a

conda env list -n dato-env

After that, please try the following:

conda uninstall --y --q -n dato-env conda-env

and restart Dato Launcher

User 5199 | 5/23/2016, 6:24:59 PM

the terminal does not appear

User 5199 | 5/23/2016, 6:25:17 PM

how can I get to it?

User 5199 | 5/23/2016, 6:38:36 PM

I got it to work by uninstalling latest update.!!!