[URGENT] Installation fails at 70%

User 5192 | 5/13/2016, 7:05:48 AM

I had Python 2.7.11 installed on my Windows 10 (64-bit) prior to using the Dato launcher to install Anaconda and GraphLab Create. I had uninstalled the 2.7.11 version of Python before using the Dato launcher and rebooted my system. However, the installation fails at 70% every time. I need this software to complete my assignments on Coursera, which are due next week. A quick reply would be very helpful. Please refer to the installation log file, if needed.


User 9 | 5/14/2016, 3:21:48 PM

Hi @wrik003,

There was an error in creating the conda dato-env and it appears it is now in an odd state.

Try closing Dato Launcher and all other terminals on your machine. The open a new terminal and do the following:


remove dato-env

conda-env remove -n dato-env ` Then restart Dato Launcher. The Dato Launcher will build a new dato-env.

Let us know how this goes. If this doesn't work, then we can dig deeper into the installation of anaconda.