GraphChi: About edge value.

User 2745 | 5/8/2016, 9:18:17 AM

There are four formats which can be chosen in PageRank algorithms in the examples. Now I want read file in edge list like 2 4 010100 . . where the first one and second one are vertex number, third one is bit array. How can read this file for my own algorithm? Thanks!


User 1592 | 5/8/2016, 5:48:35 PM

Hi We have a newer code base GraphLab Create, and thus can give only very limited support for GraphChi. Here is a reference to pagerank in the new codebase:

Regarding GraphChi, you will need to change the edge data type: to contain a bitmap.. This may require multiple changes to the code. Unfortunately we can not support this at this time.

User 2745 | 5/8/2016, 11:27:58 PM

Thanks for you answer, Danny.