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User 4774 | 4/15/2016, 8:26:35 AM

I am currently using a lot of dato features, which all bring questions, but some of them not answered.

I wanted to move the log level to something less verbose, and to another place than /tmp, which is the default. Is it possible? and How? I have been searching for it on the website but i can find it.


User 4 | 4/15/2016, 9:31:40 PM

Hi @Geoffroy,

GraphLab Create really only offers two log levels in the UI. The default is verbose (lots of log output to stdout). The only way to suppress it is to supply verbose=False as a parameter to the method call that is producing the output. You will need to do this on each of the method calls where you don't want to see output. Please let us know if there is a method producing log output where that parameter is not available, or a method where that parameter doesn't have the desired effect, as that is something we'll want to fix.

The log level in the disk output (.log files in /tmp) is not configurable that I am aware of -- it will always output the same amount of logs. To change the directory where disk log output goes, use the environment variable GRAPHLAB_LOG_PATH. For instance:

export GRAPHLAB_LOG_PATH=/some/directory

Will cause the log files to go into /some/directory.