Intructions to setup EC2 instance for Graphlab create on AWS

User 4154 | 3/29/2016, 1:37:06 PM

Does someone have the latest updated instructions for this? I tried to setup my instance (free tier) using instructions provided on this page but it didnt quite go well. I could only go as far as step f/g and not further, meaning I dont see the options as specified on the instructions on my end to be able to complete the installation. Review and Launch was diabled so I was forced to click on Configure Instance Details and the options shown there do not match with the options given on the instructions page (step i), so I configured to the best of my knowledge. Now, I dont see an ip address for public DNS (its empty) on the instance details page. So I believe I have done something wrong or they must have updated/changed something on AWS side. Any help?


User 4154 | 3/29/2016, 1:50:03 PM

Nevermind, figured it out. I had some extra setting there somewhere which was causing the issue. Thanks.

User 2917 | 3/29/2016, 5:54:34 PM

Ok, glad to hear you figured it out!