The factors that affect the performance of GraphLab?

User 4063 | 3/27/2016, 12:03:08 PM

Hello all,

I upload a .csv file with 43,900 rows and 3800 columns, I wait for a long time in creating GraphLab canvas.

Is it too large file? 256M. Or it is related to my computer configuration? 64 bit/8G/1T/i5.

GraphLab is a good tool dealing with big data?

Thanks yotta


User 2156 | 3/27/2016, 2:38:29 PM


The number of columns in your dataset is large. Give the same size of data the more column you have the slower graphlab is.

For example, SFrame with million rows and 10 column is fast. However, it is slow with 10 rows and million columns.

User 4063 | 3/28/2016, 2:51:04 PM