Trying to use dato with anaconda for graphlab in iPython notebook for Coursera … so lost

User 3813 | 3/20/2016, 1:25:39 PM

It appears I successfully installed everything using "We are looking forward to helping you explore the Dato Machine Learning Platform and make the most out of it. If you haven't already installed GraphLab Create, or need to reinstall, click the button below: PERSONALIZED INSTALLATION GUIDE. This is a Windows 7 install BTW.

So a Jupiter web browser page opens ...

have the link to git (downloaded locally as a zip)

I dont think I get any default notebooks and am unsure of the default directory.

How do I: 1) create an iPython folder? 2) create/get an iPython notebook page to see if it runs 3) create/get an iPython notebook page with graphlab to see if it runs 4) get the github zip or directories installed.

I was using AWS but I can't find the classification course folder and I am behind 2 programming assignments.

I am new at using these tools (thanks Obama) and appreciate the help!

git ipython anaconda jupyter graphlab


User 1190 | 3/21/2016, 6:49:48 PM


You may want to take a look at the quick starter guide of using Jupyter Notebook.

I recommend following this doc and try everything locally before jumping on AWS and start the assignment.

Best, -jay