Schema mismatch

User 1228 | 3/11/2016, 8:59:00 AM

When I want to update my predictive service via ps.update() I get now: This action is not allowed because your client schema version (8) and server schema version (7) do not match. How to solve that?


User 92 | 3/11/2016, 7:36:46 PM

Hi Marcel,

The Predictive Service is not forward compatible -- this means, older version of PS is not able to load a model that is trained using newer version of GraphLab Create, this is why you see the update method fails.

If you want to update mode in PSl, please use previous version of GraphLab Create to update. If you need to use new model from newer version of GraphLab Create, please consider create a new version of predictive service and migrate your model over.



User 1228 | 3/14/2016, 2:09:27 PM

Thanks that works