how to get an Sarray to show more than 20 images?

User 3253 | 2/28/2016, 12:04:04 AM

Hi, I loaded a few hundred images to an Sarray. whenever I use the Show() function, it only shows the first 20 images. Is there a way by which it can display all? Thanks


User 2593 | 2/29/2016, 6:41:06 PM

Hi @tmeron, Canvas only displays 20 images at a time. You can however specify any 20 images to display, for example sf[20:40].show() would display the second 20 images or sf.filter(listofids, 'imageid').show() would display 20 images from the images who have ids in listof_ids if your images have ids. Hope this answers your question. Thanks, Charlie