User 2568 | 2/26/2016, 5:24:58 AM

I wanted to visualise the results of kmeans. When I use show(view='Evaluation') I get the message.

Model Evaluation is not yet available on base model type.

The manual page documents this view type, but it is highlighted in grey. Does this mean it's not yet implemented. I could not find a conventions page in the manual to confirm this.


User 12 | 2/26/2016, 6:02:34 AM

Hi Kevin, We haven't implemented an evaluation or show method yet for Kmeans, but I'm certainly open to it. Is there a particular type of output you'd like to see?

Thanks, Brian

User 2568 | 2/27/2016, 5:38:20 AM

No, I was hoping for something standard to help me visualise the clusters