Installing an unlicensed version of Graphlab Ccreate

User 3218 | 2/22/2016, 5:32:12 PM


Is there a way I can install an unlicensed version of Graphlab Create, and set the licence key later? I have an automated script to provision graphlab on clusters (not AWS) for a client. This is useful for automating devops.

I figured there is a way to set the license key post-installation: import graphlab graphlab.product_key.set_product_key('your product key here')

Is there a way to install an unlicensed version (linux/Ubuntu env) from commandline?

Thanks, Delip


User 19 | 2/22/2016, 5:59:09 PM

Hi delip,

Yes, you can install GraphLab Create on a machine that does not (yet) have a license, e.g. using pip install graphlab-create. Then, as you suggest, you can set your product key immediately after the import command.

If you skip the set_product_key command, then you will get an error such as InvalidProductKey: Product key not found.

Hope that helps, Chris

User 3218 | 2/25/2016, 6:08:32 AM

Thanks Chris. That was very helpful.

User 5238 | 5/26/2016, 5:56:48 PM

hello, if I may ask, did you provide the product key as a plain str, or did you encode it?