Package for R

User 3224 | 2/18/2016, 5:44:55 PM

I have been working through graphlab create with some datasets at my institution, and while I am decent enough in Python, my core strength really lies with R. Any chance that there will be an R package, similar to what is now available in python? This might flatten the learning curve for R users while also enabling us to leverage the amazing functionality of glc in a more familiar environment.

For context, I am much better at data prep/munging in R, and right now I am balancing the steps of doing everything in R (because I can move faster), saving out a flat file, and bringing that back into python just so I can leverage your toolset. In reality, I would rather just stay in R and call the algorithms from that environment and not jump across languages.


User 12 | 2/18/2016, 11:08:43 PM

Hi Brock, We are indeed working on an R package, but for SFrame only at this point. The repo is not yet ready for official release, but please email us offline (brian@dato) if you're interested in testing the beta version.

Thanks, Brian

User 3252 | 2/28/2016, 12:00:41 AM

Hi Brian,

I am glad to know that you are working on an R package. I am interested in testing the beta version. I have sent you an email request for the same. Thanks.