[ERROR] License check failed: Unable to validate license.

User 3191 | 2/10/2016, 2:35:39 AM


Got this error when running the code: products = gl.SFrame('amazon_baby.gl/')

[ERROR] License check failed: Unable to validate license. Visit https://dato.com/support for support options.

AssertionError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-9-a0806652858a> in <module>() ----> 1 products = gl.SFrame('amazon_baby.gl/')

F:\Tools\Anaconda3\envs\dato-env\lib\site-packages\graphlab\datastructures\sframe.pyc in init(self, data, format, proxy) 776 self.proxy = proxy 777 else: --> 778 self.proxy = UnitySFrameProxy(glconnect.getclient()) 779 _format = None 780 if (format == 'auto'):

F:\Tools\Anaconda3\envs\dato-env\lib\site-packages\graphlab\connect\main.pyc in getclient() 286 if not isconnected(): 287 launch() --> 288 assert isconnected(), ENGINESTARTERRORMESSAGE 289 return CLIENT 290

AssertionError: Cannot connect to GraphLab Create engine. Visit https://dato.com/support for support options.

I'm using a free academic version of GraphLab Create, and it has been working fine until yesterday. Yesterday, I ran a code that crashed my computer, and has to force start it, and GraphLab returns this error since I restarted it.

Thanks for your help!! David


User 3191 | 2/11/2016, 5:17:14 AM

Below is the fix from Zach: 1. delete 'config' file from folder C:\Users\xxxx\.graphlab\ 2. run python code: import graphlab graphlab.productkey.setproduct_key('your product key here')

It worked for me.