Problem with reinstalling Graphlab create

User 3170 | 2/2/2016, 3:40:22 PM

My Dato Launcher stopped working and I am trying to reinstall it. It will no longer install Anaconda in C:/Users/Myname/Appdata/Local/Dato/Datolauncher directory because it is 'deprecated'. What should I do? I deleted this directory and it installed in C:/Users/Myname/Appdata/Local/Anaconda2 but the ipython notebook is not opening after that. Please help. I am using Graphlab as part of the University of Washington machine learning course. Thanks


User 2535 | 2/2/2016, 3:52:31 PM


To get unblocked quickly so you can open IPython notebook, you could open a command line prompt, and then type these two commands, which will activate your environment and open ipython notebook:

activate dato-env ipython notebook

We are looking into the problem of the IPython shortcut in Launcher not working. Will report back when we know more. Sorry for the inconvenience.

User 2917 | 2/8/2016, 5:31:05 PM


Did you manage to get ipython notebook working with the given instructions? If not, please consider opening a support ticket at so that we can get more detailed information about the problem.

Thank you, Michael