requests package in graph-lab is old version...

User 2013 | 1/29/2016, 7:11:39 PM

Hi One of my app need new version of requests, such as requrests 2.9.1, But when I upgraded graphlab-create, old version of requests is installed. This is the message during upgrade a graphlab-create library.

Installing collected packages: requests, graphlab-create Found existing installation: requests 2.9.1 Uninstalling requests-2.9.1: Successfully uninstalled requests-2.9.1 Found existing installation: GraphLab-Create 1.8 Uninstalling GraphLab-Create-1.8: Successfully uninstalled GraphLab-Create-1.8 Successfully installed graphlab-create-1.8.1 requests-2.3.0

Also if I update requests after installing graphlab-create, I can not import graphlab any more.

Any thoughts to fix it?



User 16 | 1/30/2016, 8:39:23 PM

Hi Cong Yue -

Installing GraphLab-Create and then upgrading the request module works for me.

Here are the commands I ran: pip install graphlab-create pip install -U requests

I verified that the second command cause the requests module to go from 2.3.0 to 2.9.1. I only did a quick smoke test, but GraphLab Create also seems to work.

I think there may be something else going on with your environment. I would recommend using a virtualenv.

Hope this helps. Toby