creating an instance from the AMI

User 3096 | 1/21/2016, 4:09:57 PM

the creation of a new service is a bit intrusive as it assumes all kind if things about our AWS setup and it doesn't even work on newer regions with v4 auth. for several reasons i can't give the scripts any rights for operations on the AWS api. is it possible to just spin up a single instance directly from the AMI and then use it?

thanks y


User 16 | 1/25/2016, 9:12:14 PM

Hi Yawniek -

I don't understand your question. Could you please give a little more detail/context? What AMI are you referring to and what are you trying to accomplish?

Thanks, Toby

User 3122 | 2/6/2016, 9:52:10 AM

Yeah - I second this request. It'd be nice to be able to supply an AMI to the create function telling it that you want it to launch a server with a specific AMI.

I've got an AMI with CUDA already upgraded to the proper version to do processing on the GPU. When this spins up a new ami - how am I supposed to ensure it has the CUDA drivers on there... especially if the load balancer is going to be making new versions on its own?