Are the Machine Learning Models in graphlab multi-threaded?

User 2950 | 1/19/2016, 7:14:40 AM

Hi, I am running graphlab.boostedtreesclassifier.create() and I realised that it is only utilising 25% of my 2 core CPU. May I know if all the models are multi-threaded, and which ones are not? Thank you.


User 1189 | 1/25/2016, 6:11:54 PM


If you are on a Mac, they are currently single threaded. But I believe they are multithreaded as of 1.8.


User 2950 | 1/27/2016, 8:07:57 AM

Yes, I saw that too on v1.8 for boosted tree model. Not yet tried Neural Net models through.