How to change "home directory" in Dato launcher iPython Notebook

User 3036 | 1/15/2016, 10:24:28 PM

Hi, I'm using iPython Notebook for Coursera machine learning courses.

When I click "iPython Notebook" in Dato Launcher, Command Prompt and a new webpage pop up. In the weppage (I see "Jupyter" as a title), folders and files in C:\users\user are shown. I'd like to change this "home directory" to another folder. How do I do that?

Thanks in advance.


User 9 | 1/18/2016, 5:20:46 PM

The Dato Launcher UI does not support configuring the root directory of IPython Notebook at this time. We have this feature on our roadmap.

However, you can open IPython Notebook to any directory using the command line.

1 - click on terminal button in the Dato Launcher.

IPython Notebook (Jupyter) sets the root directory in the UI to the working directory from which it was initiated.

2 - Using command line, navigate to the desired root directory for IPython Notebook.

3 - Now open IPython Notebook by executing ipython notebook in terminal. IPython Notebook will open with this directory at the root. You will then be able to use the IPython Notebook UI to navigate to any subdirectory.

Let me know if this works for you. Tim

User 3036 | 1/18/2016, 7:56:04 PM

This one worked. Thank you very much!

User 3036 | 1/18/2016, 8:10:03 PM

I wrote a batch script for launching ipython notebook in a directory a user want. I hope this helps for other users. (This only works for Windows)

  1. copy and paste the following to launch_ipython_notebook.bat

    cd <your directory> "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Dato\Dato Launcher\Scripts\ipython.exe" notebook

  2. double click the bat file