Open Source Graphlab project: Governance model, release management and development process

User 206 | 4/22/2014, 9:09:33 PM

On the discussion of this pull request, I have suggested that the Graphlab open source project needs to sketch its governance model and detail its development processes if it wants to attract contributions from third parties. Danny has requested me to repost them on the forum, so here we go.

Some of the questions that I consider relevant are:

  • Do you plan to have a single branch?
  • How would major changes such as this make it into the project?
  • How do you decide which functionality should be on the next release?
  • Does the project have any defined set of tests that can be automatically run? If so, how?

Some resources to open the discussion: Common organizational patterns: Some thoughts on release management:


User 20 | 4/23/2014, 12:18:38 AM


We are still in a transition stage for GraphLab and we are still trying to figure out our open source strategy. I agree we need greater clarity in the code contribution process, as well as how and what we are going to further open source. Right now it is somewhat ... ad-hoc ...

What are your thoughts on this? Any pointers to projects which have done a good job which we can take ideas from?


User 206 | 4/23/2014, 9:02:53 AM

This study talks about larger projects and thus cannot be addequate for Graphlab right now. However it is still interesting when taking a longer term perspective.

Regarding vendor governed projects, JBoss makes an excellent job in keeping the engagement of developers (see

Qt had some problems because it was overcontrolled by Trolltech. Now it seems to be doing great. See for their contribution model.