Pedigree of .tripple_apply()

User 3017 | 1/13/2016, 12:33:53 PM

Hi there!

I am a little bit lost in how Graphlab Create, the original Graphlab, PowerGraph and GraphChi all relate to each other. Particularly, when it comes to SGraph and the .tripple_apply(), what kind of framework does that thing use ?

Does it make the node-splitting of PowerGraph ? Or is it the 'old' paradigm of the original Graphlab ?

In other works, is .tripple_apply() good on natural graphs ? If not, is there a way to use the gather-apply-scatter paradigm without going back to C++ ?


User 1190 | 1/13/2016, 7:09:52 PM

Hi Nicolas,

The SGraph partitioning is using the same vertex-cut idea as described in PowerGraph, but with a different strategy. Triple apply provides the same expressiveness as gather-apply-scatter, i.e. you can implement the GAS pattern using triple apply.

The triple_apply() on the python side is designed for quick prototyping. For performance and scalability, please use the C++ SDK.