Runtime Exception. Unable to evaluate lambdas. Lambda workers did not start.

User 3004 | 1/12/2016, 3:01:35 AM

I am running graphlab create 1.7.1 on windows 10 home ed. with 8gb or RAM. I got this error trying to run the following:

products['awesome'] = products['wordcount'].apply(awesomecount)

I do not remember how I installed graphlab exactly buy I had anaconda before installing graphlab. I used this command on ipython notebook. I start ipython notebook with the following command in command window:

activate dato-env ipython notebook

I appreciate it if anybody knows how to deal with this issue and to give me some help.



User 2535 | 1/12/2016, 4:02:42 PM


Please have a look at this forum post about the same issue. Hope this helps.

Best, Jon