Accessing canvas when running on and AWS EC2 server

User 2568 | 1/11/2016, 1:46:51 AM

I'm running GraphLab on AWS based on the 1.6 AMI provided by Dato, recently upgraded to 1.7. How do I accesses the canvas without rendering it in the Notebook. When I run:

I get

Canvas is accessible via web browser at the URL: http://localhost:57225/index.html
Opening Canvas in default web browser.

However, my server is not localhost, it should be the ip address of the AWS server. WHen I replace localhost by the correct IP address and follow that URL ( the page just hangs and later I get a timout message.

Also what range of ports does canvase use, so I know which to open in the AWS firewall


User 2535 | 1/12/2016, 10:39:34 PM

Hi @Kevin_McIsaac

Check out this forum post, which describes how to use port forwarding to accomplish this.

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. -Jon

User 2568 | 1/14/2016, 2:24:54 AM

Jon I had a look and this feels like a kludge. Further, I work on a Chromebox and don't think I can do the port mapping described in ssh.

I left a note for Zach in the other article. My thought is it would be better to allow remote access and either provide a security caution or allow use of HTTPS. While many of your customers might run this on a PC, increasingly the market is moving to using Cloud instead and this is one impediment.

User 2535 | 1/14/2016, 3:42:48 PM

Thanks for the feedback @Kevin_McIsaac. I'll relay this back to the team.