STL can not be used in PowerGraph

User 2745 | 1/8/2016, 6:32:16 AM

I need to add a STL(map) to vertexdata structure when deal with GRAPH problem, just like: struct vertexdata: graphlab::ISPODTYPE { map<int, int> maptest; };

it is all OK when I compile the program. But when I run it, it output like: * Process received signal * Signal: Segmentation fault (11) Signal code: (128) Failing at address: (nil)

Does somebody comes across the same problem? How to resolve it?? Thanks for help!!!!!


User 1592 | 1/8/2016, 7:50:33 PM

Hi You must implement load() and save() methods as PowerGraph does not know how to serialize the map properly. Please see an example here:

User 2745 | 1/9/2016, 2:11:45 AM

Hi, Danny, Thank you very much for your help!! I have tried the method as djikstra.cpp does, but it does not work. The problem above still exists. Thanks!!