[Oracle][ODBC]Invalid SQL data type <-25>

User 2974 | 1/8/2016, 1:04:39 AM

import graphlab as gl db = gl.connectodbc('DSN=OracleODBCXE;UID=KUSER;PWD=KUSER')

can not create connection...

graphlab/cython/cymodel.pyx in graphlab.cython.cymodel.UnityModel.get() RuntimeError: Runtime Exception. Error fetching the next set of results! HY004:1:0:[Oracle][ODBC]Invalid SQL data type <-25>.


User 940 | 1/8/2016, 7:43:20 PM

Hi @gb1982 ,

Unfortunately, we don't support Oracle Databases with our ODBC connecter. Oracle deviates from the ODBC standard a bit by not implementing the SQL_SBIGINT type, which we require.

We are actively working on unblocking Oracle databases via DBAPI2.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

Cheers! -Piotr