Item similarity recommender no 'get_similar_items' method?

User 2842 | 12/22/2015, 11:36:35 AM

I deployed an itemsimilarity recommender and when I call getsimilaritems, it says that this model doesn't support this method. Although in the documentation it says it supports it and when I trained it I could call it ( What is happening?

My data has: userid, itemid columns

I did gl.itemsimilarityrecommender.create to crete an initial model, then I did nn = model1.getsimilaritems() and I used nn to create a new model which I deployed.

What I want is to call getsimilaritems for an item to receive the similar items. The item is a product and I want to get similar products but ones that are most likely to be purchased for the current user. Something like amazon's 'customer who purchased this also purchased' .



User 2156 | 12/22/2015, 6:24:50 PM


nn returned by getsimilaritems() only contains k most similar items within the whole training set. It does not give you all of the similar items therefore query on nn or build another model on top of nn is not what you want.