Python 3 support

User 1228 | 12/17/2015, 2:08:47 PM

Hi there

Are there any concrete statements when Graph Lab will be compatible with Python 3.X? I could not find any.... I really would appreciate to know more about that.

Thank you! Marcel


User 1190 | 12/17/2015, 6:07:43 PM

Hi Marcel, Python 3 support is on the near road map and is under active development.

User 2522 | 12/19/2015, 6:48:59 PM

HI, Marcel. I had checked into this as well and heard that Python 3 is coming up. No date.

User 16 | 5/2/2016, 9:08:02 PM

@Marcel -

GraphLab Create now has beta support for Python 3.4. See details here: