How to make ipython notebook use upgraded version of graphlab-create?

User 2839 | 12/16/2015, 2:26:26 PM

After upgrading according to the directions found at the referenced link below to upgrade from version 1.6.1 to 1.7.1, ipython notebooks started via the Dato Launcher are still using version 1.6.1.

How do I make python notebooks use the newer version?


User 9 | 12/16/2015, 5:45:11 PM


The Dato Launcher 1.2.x creates a conda environment and installs GraphLab Create there. To update GraphLab Create to use with Dato Launcher, do the following:

  1. open Dato Launcher
  2. click 'Terminal' in the launcher screen
  3. execute one of the following in shell/bash: # install latest version available on pip install --upgrade graphlab-create OR # install a specific version pip install graphlab-create==1.7.1
  4. execute pip list to list packages in this environment and verify version

I'll review the upgrade page.