Unable to install GraphLab Create on 64-bit OS if Python version is 32-bit

User 9 | 12/9/2015, 9:57:24 PM

GraphLab Create requires 64-bit architecture for both OS and Python. It is possible to install 32-bit Python on a 64-bit OS. In this case, GraphLab Create won't install properly resulting in the following error.

GraphLab Create currently supports only 64-bit operating systems, and only recent Linux/OSX architectures. Please install using a supported version. Your architecture is currently: 32bit

Here is one simple way to determine the architecture of your Python installation.

Within the Python environment, execute the following:

sys.maxsize > 2**32

If the return is 'True', then the Python installation is 64-bit. If 'False', you will need to upgrade your Python installation to a 64-bit version before installing GraphLab Create.


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