[PowerGraph] How to run four processes in two machines(two processes each machine)?

User 2745 | 12/7/2015, 3:51:53 AM

I'm starting to study GraphLab(PowerGraph) recently. But I only hava two machines. I want to run four(or more) processes with the two machines. How can I do this work? Thanks!!


User 1592 | 12/7/2015, 5:41:58 AM

Hi --ncpus=XX sets the number of cores on one machine mpiexec -n ==> sets the number of machines

Please note that PowerGraph is currently deprecated, we recommend switching to our newer codebase GraphLab Create. We have a distributed version as well.

User 2745 | 12/7/2015, 6:21:03 AM

OK! Thanks for your answer!