imagenet_model is not a valid file name.

User 2429 | 11/20/2015, 11:26:22 PM

Hi Everyone when I want to implement this code in graphlab (deeplearningmodel= graphlab.loadmodel('imagenetmodel')) I faced with a problem. It does not work. This problem accrues " IOError: imagenet_model is not a valid file name." Please help me....



User 19 | 11/23/2015, 5:39:22 PM

Hi Azadeh,

When you call graphlab.load_model(filename) you need to have that filename present in your current directory.

Can you say where you found this example code? There might be other code that you need to execute first.


User 2732 | 12/4/2015, 3:44:39 PM

I got the same problem when I was following Carols' presentation. I didn't see any missing step. He must have this file in hand. But, how can I get it?

User 15 | 12/9/2015, 12:01:11 AM

If you look in the accompanying notebook, there is a commented out line that provides the actual URL for this model.