prediction model

User 2570 | 11/18/2015, 11:39:53 AM

I am so excited about graph create, got to know about it through coursera. I have done basics(machine learning, supervised learning, graphlab create, sframe etc,)and so excited about it, the next step I would like to put whatever I have learn into action, and the best way to do it, I would like to create a model to predict house prices at my area, the problem is getting the data for prediction, because there is no ready data I can get and start working with, but I have real estate companies I can approach to get the data in form of mysql, questions: 1.what kind of data should I get (in terms of features do they matter) 2.How to process the data since graphCreate support, csv format 3. A process to go about it from getting the data , cleaning, test,model and evaluation) 4. Ways to make prediction as accurate as possible

Thank you


User 2570 | 11/19/2015, 4:56:41 AM

thank you Brian, what if I want to use my own dataset, from my region

User 2570 | 11/21/2015, 8:43:41 AM

would like to have my own data-set, what the process of getting one which will serve my purpose