Using graphlab on Amazon EC2 and error while importing people-example.csv ??

User 2611 | 11/15/2015, 10:07:59 PM

Hi I have a 32 bit windows machine and hence using aws. I just verified my product license key. Next I tried to using SFrame and import people-example.csv. Used the code as mentioned in the video - sf = graphlab.SFrame('people-example.csv') But i get the below mentioned error - Could you help.

Thanks Harsh


Could not detect types. Using str for each column.

RuntimeError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-9-4df0be298ea8> in <module>() ----> 1 sf = graphlab.SFrame('people-example.csv')

/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/graphlab/datastructures/sframe.pyc in init(self, data, format, proxy) 865 pass 866 else: --> 867 raise ValueError('Unknown input type: ' + format) 868 869 sframe_size = -1

/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/graphlab/cython/context.pyc in exit(self, exctype, excvalue, traceback) 47 if not self.showcythontrace: 48 # To hide cython trace, we re-raise from here ---> 49 raise exctype(excvalue) 50 else: 51 # To show the full trace, we do nothing and let exception propagate

RuntimeError: Runtime Exception. No files corresponding to the specified path (/home/ubuntu/coursera-notebooks/people-example.csv).


User 1592 | 11/16/2015, 5:40:35 AM

This error simply means the input file people-example.csv is not found. Please copy the file into the directory /home/ubuntu/coursera-notebooks/


User 2611 | 11/16/2015, 6:18:58 AM

I did not download the graphlab you see, using ec2 but anyways fixed