General Questions about GraphLab

User 2606 | 11/14/2015, 5:36:33 PM


i have some questions about Graphlab, i hope you can help me

  1. How many transactions are possible per secound ? How many requests ? Throughput?

  2. Which licenses use the tool ( example GNU, GPL, BSD..)?

  3. Which file Formats are allowed ?

  4. Which Interfaces are possible (Input, Output, ODBC, JDBC)..)?



User 1592 | 11/14/2015, 5:48:42 PM

Hi Sven, GraphLab Create is a predictive analytics framework for implementing smart applications from insight to production. We are not a graph database, and thus we do not handle transactions. We do not focus on the storage but on advanced analytics using machine learning methods for modeling the data. In the past we supported only graphs, now we support also text analytics, image analytics, graph analytics and dense (tabular data) analytics.

Our open source based engine is BSD licensed

We support multiple input formats like csv, json, xml, Apache AVRO and many more.

We support reading from ODBC and also from HDFS, NFS and Amazon S3 storage.

Our predictive services serve model in real time and use Restful API. We can scale to thousands of requests per second on a single machine.