Using GraphLab Create in Windows with PyCharm and how to exit the unity server properly?

User 2580 | 11/11/2015, 3:46:25 PM

Hello everyone I'm using GraphLab Create (student license).

When i use GraphLab Create with the Ipython Notebook, if i stop Ipython Notebook, unity_server stop and RAM is released properly.

In case I use GraphLab with Pycharm (4.5.1), when I exit PyCharm, I notice that unity_server.exe is still on my process and it keeps too much RAM.

Is there any command to exit the server properly?

Thank in advance


User 15 | 11/11/2015, 7:29:55 PM

Interesting. We should check in to the underlying cause of that, but you can call graphlab._stop() and that will stop unity_server.exe.

User 2580 | 11/12/2015, 5:28:51 PM

I will call the function right before closing PyCharm. Thank for your advice