import graphlab error on windows 7

User 2451 | 11/2/2015, 12:13:30 AM

Sorry for a newbie question but I could not find my problem on the forums. 1. I installed anaconda for Windows7 64-bit 2. I installed graphlab create from the command line ( and it seemed to install smoothly. 3. I opened an anaconda command prompt and typed: <code>[dato-env] C:\Anaconda>activate dato-env</code> <code>[dato-env] C:\Anaconda>ipython notebook</code> 4. It started fine (Running ipython in chrome) but when I typed <code>import graphlab</code> it produces the following error: <blockquote>

<p>ImportError </p> <p>Traceback (most recent call last)</p> <p><ipython-input-1-4b66ad388e97> in <module>()</p> <p>----> 1 import graphlab</p> <p></p> <p>ImportError: No module named graphlab</p>

</blockquote> 5. Question: Why is it not finding graphlab?


User 15 | 11/3/2015, 12:16:39 AM

It could be that it's using the system-installed IPython, which doesn't know about the graphlab installation within the dato-env environment. Try typing conda install ipython-notebook with dato-env activated and try again.

User 2451 | 11/3/2015, 3:07:29 AM

@EvanSamanas, Thank you! That was exactly my problem. While Step 4 ( does say " OPTIONAL: if needed, install or update IPython and IPython Notebook", the example code only shows how to update, <code>conda update ipython ipython-notebook</code>. It would be great if you (or someone from Dato) could add your install command to 'Step 4' for us newbies.

User 3192 | 2/10/2016, 2:46:07 AM

I am not sure what's happening but it is taking ages for the kernel to respond to import graphlab.. Somehow I cannot proceed .. I tried conda install ipython-notebook as well. All other modules like pandas respond well but not graphlab.

Note: I had used the dato setup to create the environment in my new laptop.

After stopping the kernel and re trying to import , I get

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-6-4b66ad388e97> in <module>() ----> 1 import graphlab

C:\Users\dipankar\Anaconda2\envs\dato-env\lib\site-packages\ in <module>() 54 from graphlab.util import setruntimeconfig 55 ---> 56 import graphlab.connect as mt 57 import as aws 58 import visualization

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'connect'

User 3192 | 2/13/2016, 12:53:05 AM

finally got it working. cue from

EvanSamanas • Posts: 120 • Moderator, Dato Team • admin

November 2015

Can you check if this file exists: C:\Users\Eddie.graphlab\artifacts\lock.lock

If it exists, delete it. That should get import graphlab to stop hanging.

But, if you delete it , it says it cannot create the lock.lock file. If you create manually, the import command hangs. Now, if you delete the file and restart the kernel, it works!!!!!

This is not how commercial product should work!!!!!!