Problem when downloading data to the pretrained model.

User 2526 | 11/1/2015, 2:25:11 PM


I'm pretty new both to Graphlab and Python and I'm trying to pretrain a model like this: import graphlab as gl data = gl.SFrame({'text': ['hate it', 'love it']}) m = gl.sentiment_analysis.create(data, features=['text']) m.predict(data) But I either get a boto.exception.NoAuthHandlerFound: No handler was ready to authenticate or a 403 - forbidden if add a .boto-config file with my AWS access keys. What am I doing wrong?


User 2156 | 11/3/2015, 8:53:18 PM

Hi, Could you run'your accesskeyid','your secretaccess_key') and check if the problem is fixed?

User 2526 | 11/13/2015, 3:14:13 PM


Sorry for late response. It working well now. Thank you!