Dato Launcher reinstalling graphlab create everytime I launch.

User 2420 | 10/16/2015, 8:53:23 AM


I installed Dato GraphLab on a mac and everytime I launch the installer it is asking me for my email and the registration key. Once I enter the details, it is reinstalling the whole thing again. I cannot launch Dato GraphLab without reinstalling every time.

Is there any other way to launch the program?



User 2422 | 10/16/2015, 10:59:41 AM


User 2422 | 10/16/2015, 11:37:58 AM

Found the way. 1. go here https://dato.com/download/install-graphlab-create-command-line.html 2. use your product key and install the pachage 3. if you start your ipython notebook from the terminal, it'll recognize graphlab.

User 2420 | 10/17/2015, 6:37:00 PM

Hi Kim,

That worked! Thanks a lot.

User 3139 | 1/28/2016, 9:35:14 AM

Thanks Kim! I face this issue every time when I upgrade GraphLab Creator!