I can´t fiind GraphLab Create in amazon graphLab-create-1.6.1-graphLab-1

User 2388 | 10/9/2015, 3:46:29 PM

Hi, I have win32 machine and I followed the instructions froma https://dato.com/download/install-graphlab-create-aws-coursera.html in order to download GraphLab Create from amazon a.- n the AWS Management Console, under Instances, select Instances. b.- Select Launch Instance. c.- On the left navigation, select Community AMIs d.- Search for graphLab-create-1.6.1-coursera-1 <--- not found "No AMIs found matching your filter criteria"

Where I can find this package ? Thanks


User 9 | 10/10/2015, 4:18:49 PM

Hi @pquintan, please try again. You can broaden your search to 'graphlab create'.

I just verified that graphLab-create-1.6.1-coursera-1 AMI is available on AWS under Community AMIs.

If you still can't find it, please send email to support-at-dato.com and tell us your geographical region. I want to investigate further.

Let me know how it goes.


User 940 | 10/10/2015, 8:43:04 PM

Hi @pquintan ,

I just looked into this. It looks like some regions had the AMI not shared with the community.

I just fixed that, but if you still can't find it, the best thing to do is, in the upper-right hand corner, click the region tab click on Oregon.

Then you should be able to find it.

Let us know if this works!

Cheers! -Piotr

User 2388 | 10/11/2015, 8:51:05 PM

Thanks very much I found it in Oregon region