Unable to Connect to Dato Validation Server

User 2365 | 10/5/2015, 10:56:37 AM

Dear all,

I am running Dato Launcher on a machine with Firewall. I am not able to connect to the data validation server. I get the following error.

Can you please help me? Thanks a lot Rajesh


User 2390 | 10/9/2015, 4:58:45 PM

I have the same problem. What must I do?

User 9 | 10/10/2015, 4:35:41 PM

Hi @Rajesh @javgarram.

The Dato Launcher communicates to the validation server over SSL using port 443. Can you configure your firewall to allow this traffic?

In addition, a proxy in your network could also prohibit traffic. Let's start by configuring your local machine. Please let me know how it goes.


User 2365 | 10/15/2015, 12:39:47 PM

Hi Tim,

I tried it, now i get the following error:

Installation process initialized.

Starting Anaconda retrieval

Error: getaddrinfo ENOENT static.dato.com:80

Can you please help me what to do? Thank you Rajesh

User 2365 | 10/16/2015, 9:53:41 PM

Hi Tim,

I managed to install dato launcher. That wasn't easy though Thanks a lot for your help


User 3164 | 2/1/2016, 3:06:12 PM

Hi @Rajesh ,

Could you post your solution? It might help other strugglinh with this problem.

User 9 | 2/1/2016, 7:12:06 PM

@"Tomasz Jaskuła" Are you having issues installing? If so, please post some details so we can help.