, Error: Requested port is unavailable: None

User 2358 | 10/3/2015, 2:51:44 PM

I am new to graphlab. I am trying to show an sframe and am getting Requested port is unavailable. Even when I set canvas target to ('browser', ANY_PORT), I am still getting the same result. I am on OSX, python 2.7.

Any thoughts?


User 1592 | 10/4/2015, 12:43:31 PM

Hi 1) Please try to set the port to a specific port like 12345 using graphlab.canvas.set_target('browser', 12345) and let us know if this works 2) Verify you have no anti virus software which may disable you from opening ports 3) Can you send us the full error you are getting, and also the content of the file /etc/hosts we have seen some errors related to localhost not configured properly on machines. Also your MAC OS version and how you installed GraphLab (launcher vs. pip)