Can't load model trained locally on remote server. IOError: Corrupted archive: Missing pickle file

User 2310 | 10/1/2015, 4:14:57 AM

I've trained a model locally, confirmed it works and uploaded it as part of a small flask app to a remote server.

The server starts and graphlab starts without issue, until it tries to load the trained model (which was also uploaded and in the same dir as the server files). See my screen shot for the full error, but it's basically: ![]( "") IOError: Corrupted archive: Missing pickle file /home/ubuntu/Projects/flask/topic_model_350_stopworded/pickle_archive.


User 1178 | 10/1/2015, 9:09:54 PM


Do you happen to have mismatched GraphLab Create version? What is the GLC version you are using for training the model and the version for loading the model?

Thanks! Ping