Having issues with boosted trees: ToolkitError: Invalid type conversion

User 2318 | 9/25/2015, 7:06:34 PM


I'm trying to use the boosted trees classifier from GraphLab. I'm using GLC 1.6 and Windows. Before adding or modifying any parameter, i'm trying to use a vanilla version of the boosted trees, without success. I get this error type: ToolkitError: Invalid type conversion

I converted the entire SFrame to int or str, same problem... Also, I tried the sample dataset and it works fine there, but not on my dataset. Did anybody experience something similar and can help me run the classifier?



User 91 | 9/25/2015, 9:13:13 PM

Can you send us some repro steps? i.e the code that caused this to happen and a sample (maybe first 2-3 rows) of the dataset on which this was run.

User 2318 | 9/26/2015, 5:30:05 PM

Hi, I figured out the problem. it was just that my data had a row with a missing value. It ran successfully after I removed it. Thanks