[ERROR] Toolkit error: Option 'random_seed' not recognized.

User 1319 | 9/22/2015, 11:37:45 AM

Hi, I'm getting [ERROR] Toolkit error: Option 'random_seed' not recognized. when I try to set the random_seed option for graphlab.boosted_trees_classifier.create. The option is listed when I execute graphlab.boosted_trees_classifier.get_default_options(), but the error message says it is not recognized. Note: I am using graphlab 1.5.2

The error is shown in the attached screenshot.



User 1178 | 9/22/2015, 4:54:30 PM


The boostedtreeclassifier does not have the random_seed as default options:

` In [10]: gl.boostedtreesclassifier.getdefaultoptions()['name'] Out[10]: dtype: str Rows: 8 ['minlossreduction', 'classweights', 'stepsize', 'minchildweight', 'columnsubsample', 'rowsubsample', 'maxdepth', 'maxiterations']

In [11]: gl.version Out[11]: '1.5.2' `

Can you double check? Thanks! Ping

User 1319 | 9/22/2015, 7:40:00 PM

Hi Ping, I've upgraded to version 1.6 and executed the graphlab.boosted_trees_classifier.get_default_options()['name'] again. As show in the attached picture, the random_seed is there!. Thanks

User 1178 | 9/22/2015, 9:29:30 PM


Glad that you have upgraded to GraphLab Create 1.6! Yes, we added a lot more in 1.6 and, yes, the boostedtreeclassifier now supports the random_seed parameter!

Let me know if you have more question.


User 1319 | 9/22/2015, 9:52:39 PM

Thank you Ping. My mistake. I was working on my labtop (with Graphlab 1.6) and then manually uploaded the code to a EC2 Spot instance with graphlab 1.5.2. Thank you for your time. Tarek