Firefox browser window with ipython notebook disappeared on Linux Server

User 2247 | 9/14/2015, 6:52:53 PM


The system is RHEL 6.6, Remote Desktop VNC Server, X-Windows and Firefox ESR 38.2.0. I kicked off the job in ipython notebook which lasts long, and next time when I log back in the server to check the results the Firefox browser disappeared. If I try to open another Firefox browser, it won't allow you to do so and an error message pop out saying there is already a Firefox running. I also used the 'top' command to check the process but didn't find it. The solution is to get Firefox back is to kill it but that will lose all the results.

I would appreciate it if someone can help address this issue.




User 91 | 9/14/2015, 11:13:44 PM

There are many reasons why this could happen. Some of them may be unrelated to Graphlab. Here are a few things you can try out:

  • Does this happen only when you use Graphlab-Create? or does the problem occur when you use any ipython notebook?
  • Can you run the same code as a python script in a screen session and log the error that happens?
  • Does this have anything to do with Firefox? or can you use another browser?

There are many moving parts and many systems that are being used here. I would recommend you eliminate the possibilities to narrow down what is causing the issue to happen. Hope this helps!

User 2247 | 9/16/2015, 5:46:07 PM

This happened regardless of using Graphlab-Create. Thanks for your clue! I'll sort the root cause out going forward.