Does graphlab have a LSTM implementation in plans ?

User 2144 | 8/26/2015, 2:00:59 AM

Any plans to have a LSTM offering in Graphlab Create ?


User 19 | 8/26/2015, 5:36:24 AM

Hi ajinkya,

We are always considering user feedback when deciding what to include in future versions. Can you tell us a little more about your particular application?

Looking forward to hearing more! Chris

User 4582 | 7/14/2016, 10:53:12 AM

Two relevant applications I would love to have: 1. Wqords similarities as word2doc, turning documents and words to vectors similar to images. 2. Multivariate time-series.

User 19 | 7/18/2016, 6:42:07 PM

Sounds good. Thanks for the feedback!