Loading Transformer Chains from S3

User 2195 | 8/25/2015, 1:00:35 AM

How does one load a saved transformer chain from S3? For SFrames you can use gl.load_sframe and for trained models one can you gl.load_model, but what does one use to load transformer chains that have been saved to S3?


User 954 | 8/25/2015, 2:27:49 AM

Hi, Can't you use the same loadmodel()? <pre> gl.loadmodel(s3transformerchain_path) </pre>

User 2195 | 8/25/2015, 8:37:31 PM

Thank you, I was able to use this. Turns out there was a separate issue that I also resolved, but thanks for your quick assistance.

User 3147 | 2/6/2016, 9:15:49 AM

@sorough: Thank you for the comment! I would suggest to also add this point in the corresponding documentation (feature engineering, transformers).