Error when saving SFrame

User 512 | 8/24/2015, 5:34:38 PM

I loaded a table from CSV file, and everything seems fine in Graphlab, But when I saved the SFrame, it shows some error below. How could I solve this issue? `'D:\Download\syslog\work\sinkhole')

RuntimeError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-8-3ffab251d31a> in <module>() ----> 1'D:\Download\syslog\work\sinkhole')

c:\anaconda\lib\site-packages\graphlab\datastructures\sframe.pyc in save(self, filename, format) 2891 self.proxy.saveascsv(url, {}) 2892 else: -> 2893 raise ValueError("Unsupported format: {}".format(format)) 2894 2895 def save_reference(self, filename):

c:\anaconda\lib\site-packages\graphlab\cython\context.pyc in exit(self, exctype, excvalue, traceback) 47 if not self.showcythontrace: 48 # To hide cython trace, we re-raise from here ---> 49 raise exctype(excvalue) 50 else: 51 # To show the full trace, we do nothing and let exception propagate

RuntimeError: Runtime Exception. Traceback (most recent call last): File "<ipython-input-3-f8cf2ec8156e>", line 15, in <lambda> IndexError: list index out of range `


User 1189 | 8/24/2015, 5:57:12 PM


This looks like an exception thrown from a lambda function. Did you perform any operations on the SFrame after parsing? Say a python lambda operation? Due to lazy evaluation, the lambda may not be fully evaluated until you try to save it.


User 512 | 8/25/2015, 3:52:07 PM

You are right, the lambda function caused the issue. I have fixed that. Thanks much!