bug report: verbose parameter for gl.SFrame.read_csv

User 2013 | 8/20/2015, 10:59:35 PM

I found when URL is a “glob” pattern for gl.SFrame.read_csv, though set verbose be False, the PROCESS INFO are still output.

Is there some way to disable these PROCESS OUTPUT for the case of a “glob” pattern?



User 15 | 8/21/2015, 6:27:06 PM

Hi Cong,

Do you mean "PROGRESS" instead of "PROCESS"? Yeah, read_csv doesn't seem to quiet down with those. We've found the bug and are putting in a fix. It will be fixed in the next release. Is this an immediate blocker for you, or can you wait until our next release?

User 2013 | 8/21/2015, 7:10:10 PM

yup. it is PROGRESS. No, it is not a blocker issue for me and be glad to wait for your next release.