how to disable the verbose of [INFO] output for ipython notebook

User 2013 | 8/20/2015, 6:06:04 PM

I am trying to do parameter search iteratively. For each parameter search, a new job will be launched and bunch of [INFO] logs is output into my ipython notebook as follows. Is there some way to disable the verbose output for ipython notebook? Thanks.

[INFO] Validating job. [INFO] Creating a LocalAsync environment called 'async'. [INFO] Validation complete. Job: 'Model-Parameter-Search-Aug-20-2015-11-01-1800000' ready for execution [INFO] Job: 'Model-Parameter-Search-Aug-20-2015-11-01-1800000' scheduled. [INFO] Validating job. [INFO] A job with name 'Model-Parameter-Search-Aug-20-2015-11-01-1800000' already exists. Renaming the job to 'Model-Parameter-Search-Aug-20-2015-11-01-1800000-63ca3'. ..... ....


User 15 | 8/20/2015, 8:56:30 PM

Hmm. This should be a little more apparent than it is. We'll figure out how to make this information more discoverable. Here's the code:

<pre> import logging import graphlab as gl gllogger = logging.getLogger('graphlab') gllogger.setLevel(logging.WARNING) </pre>