Assigning GPU ids

User 2144 | 8/19/2015, 6:32:26 PM

I know this was asked earlier but I realised it is marked answered (answer being - it will be supported in future) Is there a way to do this in 1.5.2 Graphlab Create ? I have 6 cards and want to avoid 0 and 1 gpu where there is something else running.


User 940 | 8/19/2015, 8:55:38 PM

Hi @ajinkya,

You can do this by setting a runtime configuration. Specifically, you can exectute the following line:

python graphlab.set_runtime_config('GRAPHLAB_NEURALNET_DEFAULT_GPU_DEVICE_ID', '<GPU_ID_YOU_WANT>') Hope this helps. If you have any other questions let us know!

Cheers! -Piotr